Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Trade with Dimebox Nick

Let me start by saying that if you haven't checked out Nick's blog, please go check it out; it is a really good read. You can find it at He included lots great cards, and I needed most of them.


Some nice set needs here. Back when Topps had borders the parallels looked good; no we just have pointy colored shards stabbing players. Some nice 2017 bunt needs and some 2017 archives needs as well. I love how the horizontals look on the '92 Topps design, and I love the player selection Topps does for Archives.


Here are the Braves Nick sent my way. The '63 Topps Hendley is a really nice card, and I like the Spahn Old Judge a lot as well. I also really like the '59 Bazookas from this year's Archives too. I also forgot how much I like Allen & Ginter minis, and the Smoltz and Glavine Upper Deck Fun Pack (I think that's what they are) cards are fun.

Oddballs! The '75 Topps Minis are nice, and I really love the TCMA cards. Nick also sent some nice minor league cards as well. I knew who Otis Nixon was, and I had heard of Kevin Jepsen before, but I wasn't sure if he was any good and/or still in the Majors. Otis Nixon spent 17 years in the bigs and spent some time on my Braves including being on the '91 worst to first Braves. Jepsen spent 9 years in the bigs, and Maier spent 6 years in the majors. Jose Laboy never made it over A ball, but nonetheless, a nice cards.

Food oddballs including a nice Bob Knepper Kellog's, some nice Nolans, a Pepsi Canseco, and a Coke Luzinski on '81 Topps which I really like.

Some more nice oddballs. That Deion Sanders is a foldout, and the Juan Gonzalez is a Toys R' Us. I think the gem of all of the oddballs is the team card on the left. It's a 1995 Phil Rizzuto's National Pastime card. It's a chrome and it is of the 1892 New York Giants. It's just an all-around great card.

A bunch of fleer oddballs. I think I am going start collecting knuckleballers just because of how I love how random the pitch's break is. It can go left or right, it can drop, you just don't know.



A bunch of old players on new cards. I wish Panini would bring back the Cooperstown sets. My favorite cards of these are the Fleer Sports Illustraded Greats of the Game. Stadium Club is always great photography, and all of the other cards are great too. 

Overall, that was a great trade. Once again, go check out Nick's blog, and thanks again Nick!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed everything! You're right, the horizontal '92s from this year's Archives look awesome.