Friday, June 16, 2017

My First Post

My First Post

This post is about what I collect and what this blog will be about.

Main Guys I Collect

Above are cards of the main guys that I collect. These aren't the only guys that I collect; I collect pretty much any braves guys. These are just base cards because I don't want to give away any surprises too soon!

Mini Collections

I also like to collect oddballs (I don't know the true definition of oddball if there even is one, but I just like to collect what looks weird or quirky to me). Here are some examples of what I call an oddball above. Feel free to ask what set they are from in the comments section.

My two newer mini collections are set building and players from the past on present cards. Above are a few past players on present cards. As far as set building goes, I am trying to set build 2017 bunt, 2017 bunt blue parallels, 2017 bunt insert sets (the more common ones), 2017 archives, and 2015 topps gold. I don't have much for any of those.


I'm new at this, so please have patience with me as I do not know how a lot of this blogging stuff works. I'm just doing this for fun, and to show people who it may interest, my collecting journey. The person that first comments on my first post ever will receive a card of their favorite team via PWE. If you are the first commenter, please leave your email address so I can email you and you can send me your address and favorite team, if you prefer to put your address and favorite team in the comments that is fine, or if there is a different way to do it please let me know.